Be unstoppable between the pipes



Improve your reaction time, balance, and hand-eye coordination with HockeyShot’s goalie training aids. We offer goalie training equipment in the US for all of your goaltending needs.

Whether you are a new goalie or have years of experience with the position, we have training aids to help you develop and hone your goal-saving skills.


HockeyShot offers a unique selection of goaltending training aids in the US, including goalie slide boards, reaction balls, and more. These products are designed to help goalies improve their agility, lateral quickness, puck control, hand-eye coordination, and overall strength.

The goaltending equipment we carry includes:

Goalie Slide Boards Synthetic Ice
Goals & Nets Goaltending Accessories

Goalie Slide Boards

Save goals with killer balance and hand-eye coordination when you train with HockeyShot’s goalie slide boards. Our slide boards for goalies will help you build power and strength in your legs, and improve your skating stride.

Goals & Nets

We have hockey goals and backstops for all of your goalie training needs. Our nets are incredibly strong, and able to withstand any fast puck. With our goals and nets, you can practice saving goals on and off the ice.

Synthetic Ice

Make anytime ice time with HockeyShot's Revolution Synthetic Ice, our premium synthetic ice flooring product. Goalies can practice their goal stops with our synthetic ice that boasts a slick real-ice feel.

Synthetic ice is a great option that removes the need to compete for ice time at your local arena. Why bring your hockey bag to the ice when you can bring the ice to you?

Goaltending Accessories

HockeyShot's collection of goaltending accessories includes reaction balls, blocker sleeves, crease markers, roll slide sleeves, and more. Browse our selection of accessories for goalie training today!