Control the puck with quicker and softer hands



To perfect your all-around hockey game, you need to be able to move the puck efficiently. Improve your on or off-ice stickhandling game with HockeyShot’s stickhandling tools.

Our stickhandling aids in the US will make the perfect addition to your hockey training equipment collection and help you establish stickhandling skills.

Create space with our Danglers or deke around the defense with our Pucks and Balls. Whether you are looking to practice basic moves or complicated toe drags around defenders, we have the stickhandling tools for you.


Possess the puck and skate around your competition with the best stickhandling training aids in the US. Stickhandling skills are what will set you apart and take you from an ordinary to an extraordinary player.

Stickhandling is an essential skill for beginners to learn and for professionals to perfect. HockeyShot offers a range of stickhandling aids to help you become a master:

Danglers Defenders
Pucks & Balls Accessories 


HockeyShot’s Danglers are ideal for creating puck control and custom stickhandling drills. Our danglers will help you to gain puck control and dangle around the competition. You can learn everything from basic stickhandling moves to complex toe-drags both on and off the ice with our danglers.


Create stepovers that you can build into your training drills with HockeyShot’s stickhandling defenders. We offer a selection of tools to help you power-up your agility and hand-eye coordination. Defend the puck and your fellow teammates. Pick between the Rush Defender, Extreme Defender, and more.

Hockey Pucks & Balls

Practicing with the right hockey pucks and balls makes all the difference when you are looking to nail your stickhandling skills. We offer a selection of stickhandling balls and pucks to suit players' varying and accommodate different training surfaces. Invest in the best biscuit for you from HockeyShot today.

Stickhandling Accessories

Get great value with our combination kits, nail your passing with our hockey sticks, or learn how to handle pucks with our biscuits and stickhandling pads. HockeyShot offers quality accessories for stickhandling aids so that you can make the most of your tools and perfect your stickhandling skills for effective passing. Your teammates will thank you.